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Trigger grip/ball head, heads up - again. being

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We paid £37 for ours, so the new price of £30.99p is excellent.

This tripod works well with the Revelation 15x 70 binoculars on a solid mounting bracket.

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Get thee behind me, Alfian.............oh, go on then. I'm sold!


To what are you alluding Mr Ghostdance, me in league with old Nic? No one has ever called me ...... now hang on a minute though, when I come to think about it, there was .......... and ........... and ,,,,. No thats Ok Steve, you are very welcome. 

Oh heck I really wished that you had not posted this thread, I was thinking about upgrading my 20x80 'bins' mount.

See above!  Actually I'm suddenly feeling the weight of responsibility for indirectly nudging people to part with their hard earned cash, so I do hope it all works out. I must be more considerate in future.

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Mine turned up today, at work, so I was able to have a play with it, but haven't mounted anything on it so far. For the money, £31 delivered, it's a fantastic piece of kit. The head is really nicely made, the tripod is pretty stable and very versatile, and it all even comes with a pretty decent bag so I can sling it over my shoulder. I really wanted mine for my DSLR, as I've got an absolute monster Benbo 5 for my binoculars, and I think it will be brilliant for that.

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