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A shot of my old FLT98, no longer with me, on one of the rare occasions in the past few years I got to use it


Im sure JohnH wont mind me posting this image, I have this framed and on my wall at home to remind me that Im an astronomer when clouds get in the way. John took this of me and my plot at SGL7 (I think) Ta again John


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Finally joined the fracfest

Here's my 80mm S5000 APO. Set up for some lovely solar obs in white light today at school. Managed an impressive 96x with some stunning detail in the current large system. 

Obviously I can ignore the solar warning sticker when using the Lunt Wedge! I think I'll be improving this with some CNC rings and a better focuser in due course (unless I can sort it out with some teflon - usual Chinese telescope maker shortcuts - using thin plastic as the main shaft bearing rather than a teflon pad saving a few pence).



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Anyone noticed how quiet it is over on the 'SHOW US YOUR DOB'' thread? [emoji6][emoji6][emoji6][emoji13]

Well, would you want to show off a cut down paddle steamer funnel??? :grin:  :evil:  :grin:  

Sorry Shane, hope you don't know where I live! :p

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Hi all. Late to the parteeee again, as usual.   Been loving all the photo's in this tread. Helps  to pass the "cloud time "       Here's my two on my Skytee.  Meade 127 APO and Borg  100 Achro.   The Achro only been with me a fortnight.  No first light yet apart from 30 mins of solar. 

Please note.   The yard wall behind them is totally white.  Optical illusion - honest !!!!  

Thanks for looking   John





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Thats a lovely photo Phil :smiley:

JohnH really knows how to capture the atmosphere :smiley:

Yes John, I love it. That year it cropped up everywhere, from S@n mag, to sgl calender, I was even on the Luxall toilet walls at one time :-) The wife got a bit fed up with me going into the newsagents and looking through the astro mags to see if I was there

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Great setup, love the skytee II. I use the central as a finder too. If you have not already done so (cannot tell from the pic) it is worth updating the main mounts to ADM or similar. Have heard of the odd thread stripping.

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The chap who had my Skytee ii before me (my lot on page1) had a 10"snt on one side... He replaced that standard mount v.quickly.!!! Would have hated to see that Lovely Meade 5000 Apo hit the turf!.

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Nice bunch of fracs Spaceboy :)

Apart from the apartment store plasic frac I had age 7, the Evo120 was my first proper frac as well. 

same for me, i had an ST80 for a short while, then got a blue tube 120 f8, this was a pretty good scope and there have been times when i have considered getting another

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Ssssshhhhhhh........here’s my two solar scopes still asleep and waiting to be used again in the sunshine. PSTAL and Skywatcher 120ED.

How are you liking the 120Ed, i am thinking about trying to raise the funds for one

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