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20 minutes ago, Highburymark said:

Very nice. Looks a bit like a slightly slower SW Equinox 80 with the similar rotating focuser ring. Focuser looks similar too. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me about the Revelation’s pedigree will explain a connection?

I might be mistaken but I think it's a clone of the William optics zenithstar 80mm. 

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Don't worry Chris, Frac Pack moral is very high Here are a few of mine, past and present. Will take some better pics soon. Vixen Atlux 150ED with Tak FC-100 as a finder 120ED with Quark Tak FS-60

My Equinox ED120 & Starwave ED80 getting a rare outing.....

Just a selection of my refractors. The piers are self welded and far too massive to lift. For decades I longed for Fullerscopes mounts. I started with a used, driven MkIII and then bought a drive

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1 hour ago, johninderby said:

It’s the LongPerng 80mm f6.8 ED which came with a mounting foot and someone  has fitted yours with rings.


Came across this quote from the SGL forum a few years ago.

I'll stick my toe in the shark infested waters and say that I believe that the revelation 80 is one of many clones made by long perng identical to the william optics ZS80II's. Others include the moonfish 80mm 'scope and a host of others im sure people can add.

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I recently took delivery of a Tecnosky 102mm ED FPL 53 doublet.  It arrived on December 15th from Italy via Astrograph. It was checked by Rupert at Astrograph before being forwarded to me.

Apart from a daylight test on arrival, it wasnt under the night sky until 24th December.  First impressions were excellent with seeing on the poor side.  The Moon showed good detail with impressive sharpness for the conditions, better with my binoviewer using Orthos. I tried, but couldn't generate any false colour on the limb or on the terminator, very pleasing.

Mars, at just over 11" was a surprise. At powers up to x120 the limb was clean as a whistle, very sharp and no unwanted colour.  The gibbous phase very obvious, even at low powers.  Some albedo features were easy to see with very good contrast. The south polar cap (which looked very small) was easy to see.  Overall Mars was much better than I expected in the prevailing conditions.

Stars showed perfect disks out of focus, and at low powers very impressively tight images.

I'll evaluate the scope when I've had more star time and post the findings.






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Had  a 6" Achro F8 years ago. CA Was too much. Been a Newt and Mak guy for years, saw this 70MM F12.8 SW Capricorn tube for £29

Recently collimated the focuser best i could with a cheshire. Its producing nice star tests. Slightly under corrected one side. Textbook the other.

At F12.8 Virtually no false colour or very slight. Lovely sharp contrasty low power lunar views.


Makes me wonder about scopes like this

BRESSER Messier AR-102L/1350 Hexafoc Optical Tube assembly | Bresser


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10 hours ago, F15Rules said:

At that sort of focal length, CA should be negligible, and views should be excellent.

Just make sure it's well mounted due to the length of the tube..😊👍


Agreed Dave

I read on CN the Bresser has a flimsy plastic cell. But the larger slightly shorter focus model does not ?

The earlier pic was from the net. Cracking little scope. Especially for £29 surprised how tight and contrasty it is.



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9 minutes ago, gilesco said:

A perspex sheet and some 1/4" screws

Great, thanks! Was thinking of setting up a plate of some kind on the top mounting holes for my scope, but I only have the smaller tube rings as it's an 80ED. As it's only a small number of accessories perhaps perspex would work for me too.

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2 minutes ago, badhex said:

Great, thanks! Was thinking of setting up a plate of some kind on the top mounting holes for my scope, but I only have the smaller tube rings as it's an 80ED. As it's only a small number of accessories perhaps perspex would work for me too.

Go for it, works really well, I bought two as thought it might split or I might mess it up, if your tube rings have the same holes top and bottom then use the existing plate as a template. Much lighter than a metal plate.

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A couple of phone snaps from last night while observing Mars and the Moon with my Tecnosky 102ED f7 FPL53.  The mount is a vintage Vixen GP DX.

I only took delivery the week before Christmas and I'm VERY impressed with this scope.  When I've had more sky time with it I'll post a review.

The snap of the Moon is Janssen of course, taken with my phone held to one of the eyepieces on my binoviewer. The visual image was much better of course, and without the colour artifacts 🙂.





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SkyWatcher Esprit 100 on a Neq6 mount. 

AsiAir original, Pocket Powerbox, EAF focuser, Modded Canon 550D. 

Not pictured- SkyWatcher 9x50 finder with Zwo 224MC, 17ah power tank and iPad to control it all. 


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4 hours ago, A McEwan said:

My recently "completed" Swift 831 is being put to regular use and is a joy!



That looks lovely. Out of interest. How does  the SW F10 90mm frac. Compare ?

More resolution. Lower quality figure objective ?

 My 70mm F12.8 SW. Doesnt show identical patterns either side of focus. Some under or over correction going on. But it doesnt seem to affect performance.

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