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Don't worry Chris, Frac Pack moral is very high Here are a few of mine, past and present. Will take some better pics soon. Vixen Atlux 150ED with Tak FC-100 as a finder 120ED with Quark Tak FS-60

My Equinox ED120 & Starwave ED80 getting a rare outing.....

Just a selection of my refractors. The piers are self welded and far too massive to lift. For decades I longed for Fullerscopes mounts. I started with a used, driven MkIII and then bought a drive

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35 minutes ago, -philip- said:

My first refractor, a bit scared of it at the moment! Altair Ascent 102ED F7, using it on the AZ-GTi for observing (not AP). 

And very pretty too! I use a Lightwave 66 for WL Solar Imaging. The f/7 bit attracts
me re. the 102EDs (a "good number" for Solar Frankenscopes). But must resist... lol  🥳

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This is my ‘not very grab and go’ refractor setup. It’s a TS Optics 130mm f7 triplet APO (FPL-53) and I have been very pleased with the optics. The mount is an Altair Sabre 2.0 with a heavy duty plate clamp. It sits on a Berlebach Uni 18. Although not used initially, I have found a 16” extension pillar has become essential kit in order to safely observe near the zenith. It’s quite a heavy setup overall, But no single part weighs more than 10kg so it is quite manageable. 




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I've been wanting to try my Takahashi FC100-DL out on my T-Rex alt-azimuth mount. I wondered if the slim lines of the Tak would be rather overpowered by the T-Rex but they seem to fit together rather well. The F/9 Tak is absolutely rock solid on this mount as you might imagine. While I was setting it up the clouds seem to have formed a solid ceiling sadly but I thought I'd snap some pics anyway :rolleyes2:









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On 27/07/2020 at 22:11, astro_al said:

Tube arrived at the weekend so I was finally able to assemble an FS-60 from a focuser I already had and an objective and dewshield purchased from a nice chap on UKABS. Had an FS-60 about 8 years ago, nice to have one again. Pictured at the front with the rest of the gang 😁



Nice collection 👍 how heavy is the fs-60 please ? 

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Superb Garry :icon_biggrin:

I was going to get my TMB 130 out tonight but I was unsure about the forecast so I put the ED120 out instead. The seeing turned out to be excellent on Jupiter, Saturn and Mars so I should have gone all out for the 130 after all :rolleyes2:

The ED120 did pretty well though.

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1 hour ago, garryblueboy said:

Recent addition just spent 3 hours watching the planets and awesome views 











Nice gear.

That streetlight would make me bristle, I'd have to erect some sort of temporary block for it!

Many of us have some type of impediment like this to deal with.

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On 16/08/2020 at 08:06, -philip- said:

My first refractor, a bit scared of it at the moment! Altair Ascent 102ED F7, using it on the AZ-GTi for observing (not AP). B3C26581-2296-48B5-8089-0BC2218F6EEB.thumb.jpeg.7bcc68c7655fb5a7f8166fb2de3b9e24.jpeg



Same set up exactly as mine. Not my first refractor, that was a 120 f8.3 achro but I’ve been very pleased with this one and can’t fault it, particularly for the price. A very versatile scope. 

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On 03/08/2020 at 15:04, Xsubmariner said:
On 03/08/2020 at 15:04, Xsubmariner said:

Just to get back on topic a picture of my latest  Frac 😍 and yes it came with a handle should you be interested. 😏




...but did it come with enough counterweights??😊🤭


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22 hours ago, JeremyS said:

Just making a few adjustments, so thought I'd do a quick photoshoot on the Takahashi FS 102, on WO EZ Touch and Berlebach Planet tripod






Looks fabulous Jeremy👍😊..

..and I particularly like the camouflaged Handle Bulk Storage unit in the background!🤭😂😂


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Hi everyone

Finally balanced on three axes, the missing link was of course the €2 g-shaped yellow coloured clamp fitted north-east.

Having suffered an 80ed's fat blue stars and focuser a few years ago, I assumed that those issues would have been fixed in the 72ed and indeed, the stars are a bit better...

Nice to have a wide FOV though.

** ff detail and example images here.









**EDIT found a much better balance arrangement. Still need the g-clamp though. DEC guiding now much happier.


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