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A stealthy Pluto from the south circular

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Hi guys,

long time no post...

I moved house last year to a much better place - astronomically - to where I used to live, but still not great considering it's in London and got myself a new scope. I've been very keen to get a snap of Pluto before New Horizons reaches it and have been waiting for May to roll round when it's a doable place from my house. Unfortunately I have no view of the south, and Pluto rises quite low in the south so I have to suck it up and go stand on the South Circular and risk getting mugged to get a picture!

Unfortunately every weekend for me has been cloudy so I risked it on a school night last night and set my alarm for 2.45 am.

The sun starts to brighten the sky at ~3.20 so there's a strong brightness gradient in the sky. This greatly limited my exposure time. The best I could manage before blowing out the image was ~13 seconds at ISO 1600. I was also genuinely worried about attracting attention and getting my camera and work laptop nicked so only ~5 minutes of integration time.

I'll try again as soon as possible and get another shot to show that it's moved.


Click the image for a larger version.

Suffice to say my girlfriend was quite impressed with that tiny dot  :grin:



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Cheers guys. I would recommend having a go if you have the kit, mag ~14.5. Tick it off the list!

In my case it did require preparation though. I went out during the day time to figure out when it would be in a place where not blocked by other houses.

Eris looks a bit too dim for me  :p

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