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Hi from Wicklow Town, Ireland

Clayton C8

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Hi there and hello to one and all from the emerald isle.


Firstly thanks to all - this site has been a huge source of information during my astro education over the past two years or so.

I suppose my story is pretty similar to a lot of others here.


I always had the interest but it took a trip to Lidl during Christmas week to get things started.

My wife suggested she get me a cheap 70 mm refractor. There it was in its shiny box. It did the trick.  

It did enough to get me started - once Saturn started to show up a few months later I was hooked....


Soon I bought a second hand 6" LXD 75 which was a real upgrade - Found out how to take shots at prime focus thanks to you guys here.......

I'm still using the mount but I've bought a few upgrades since then.

EOS 400 D, ZWO 120MC and a celestron C8 and a sky watcher 50 x 9 finder scope is the latest purchase.  


I've managed stacked shots of Andromeda and Orion etc. and lots of planetary stuff with the set up  - I have the C8 about 3 weeks and it’s a beast compared to the older 6 inch reflector.

Caught my first shots of one of the moons casting a shadow across Jupiter on the first night I tried it. Blew me away.


I can see myself still using both OTA's as the FOV is a lot bigger with the Meade so it works well for the larger stuff.


I have yet to do any prime focus work with the C8 XLT and the SLR but did manage to get prime focus the other day just using the body from a 2X  Barlow with the lens unscrewed..

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say. :laugh:


Anyway just wanted to say hi. Happy to be in good company.

Clear skies

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Hi Clayton and welcome from sunny (say WHAT?) Greece. The dudes here are the real dawgs of astronomy. The are like scientists of stargazing and imaging. Have a great time stargazing, imaging and of course in the SGL.

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