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Good Afternoon

I was searching the web and i came across this EP    Agena 1.25" Starguider Dual ED Eyepiece 60-deg AFOV, FMC - 5mm   which happens to be very similar to the 1.25'' 5mm BST Explorer Dual ED eyepiece Branded ''Starguider'' . Wondering if they are the same specs,manufacture and quality but branded differently for US and UK ? Has anyone tried the Agena?

I'm asking this because I still can't make up my mind for the 5mm EP I'm after. I have been told the BST 5mm is very good for the price, yet I can't find it locally, and that's why I'm looking at the Agena. and I'm also considering the Celestron X-Cel LX Series Eyepiece - 1.25-Inch 5mm. 

Which one do you recommend? your help is much appreciated.

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I'd say it was exactly the same eyepiece. The starguiders have come under a number of names (explorer, starguider, paradigm, etc.).

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They are the same eyepiece, they also appear as the Astro-Tech Paradigm and if you look under the TS site they have them as well under their own brand TS.

They also appear under other titles.

They are made by Barsta, who seem to be producing some good eyepiece these days.

I think they were originally produced with or for Astro-Tech, but no proof of that.

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Very similar, I've had both

 which one was more comfortable in your opinion? I wear glasses and consider this an important factor. 

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Honestly couldn't say ... The Celestron has a flatter top whereas the BST is curved so for glasses I'd say the Celestron maybe

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      Hey guys!i need to make this quick! I want to get a new 6mm eyepiece.I have a 8" f6 dob and i want to get a nice 200 mag and put the telescope to its limits at 400x
      The most i ve seen with is 240x for Jupiter and Saturn .i ve heard they looked stunning at 400x and i am keen on trying it.Ive got my eyes on a 6mm Skywatcher UWA eyepiece.and i have a Bst Starguider 2z Barlow lens.And i seem to be having problems with my 8mm Bst Starguider (300x in total).the bst has a 16mm eye relief and a 21mm lens diameter,but when i barlowed it and look at the moon yesterday,it was hard finding the right spot to look through the eyepiece and when i moved the image disappeared.I dont know if it will have that effect on planets,when I looked at mars it was fine but i definitely want to avoid that from happening again.Will it happen?
      The Skywatcher eyepiece i want to buy has a 16mm eye relief too.I dont want to make the same mistake now , i want a 6mm eyepiece at the price range of 50-70 euro either from flo or amazonuk.If the Skywatcher will have similar results,can you suggest another one?
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      Hey im just in the brink of buying my accessorie set! I m just wonder if i should buy a 8MM BST STARGUIDER eyepiece or not.
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      I dont think i ll be able to use the 300x too much as it will get blurry.
      BTW how blurry does it get
      The 8mm is another 50 bucks so thats quite a lot for me(14 years old )
      Just want to know if its worth it!
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      Helloooooooooooo as many of you in the last post told me "this is certaintly not your last eyepiece delema" .Turns out you were right...
      I am really weighing my options here!
      Either i get 3 BST STARGUIDERS : 12 mm 8mm and (18 or 25mm)
      or a Baader Hyperion ZOOM 8-24mm eyepiece. Both options seem very tempting... although the baader is significantly more expensive, it seems as a better option.
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      I came up with this idea a few weeks ago, to verify which BST Starguiders are the true favorites among users. From 1 to 7, 1 being your favorite + telescope informations.
      Could be interesting to see the results.
      BST Starguider 25mm : ?
      BST Starguider 18mm : ?
      BST Starguider 15mm : ?
      BST Starguider 12mm: My first choice, the only one I tried yet! 200x1000 Newton F5
      BST Starguider 8mm : ?
      BST Starguider 5mm : ?
      BST Starguider 3.2mm : ?

      I trow this into space.
      2018-01-19 Update:
      Starguider FL changed from 3.5mm to 3.2mm (little error)
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      Hello Gazers!
      I need some help ones again. 
      Lets say I have a scope with a 150 diameter and a 1800 mm focal length.(f/12) I'll supplied with an 28mm eyepiece.
      I would like to know which lengths I should get? I'm in the market for PST pieces.
      These are the lengths they offer:

      2x barlow

      All have a field of view of 60 degrees. In which order should I buy them? 

      Clear skies:.)

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