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After having a crack at the moon I thought why not give it a go, so took about 30 subs and 5 darks, ISO 1250, 2 min subs. Put it through DSS and had 11 frames for 20 mins. Wernt even sure if anything would come out as I couldnt see anything on liveview. Well  I wernt expecting that for a first attempt, I did tweak it in lightroom and prob went to far with it but got to say I am chuffed to bits with it


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Very nice indeed! Only a tiny bit of star trailing. I assume unguided? That's a nice processing job, just pull back the blue a little. If you can get more subs on another night, add them to these subs and you'll reduce the noise. Just try to get the new set as lined up as poss with these ones.

When you're up-to-speed, try flats as they'll remove the gradient.

Onward and upward!


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    • By chriscoles
      Hi, I have taken mono LRGB images of M51 with my new ASI1600mm-PRO.
      I have a mix of 30s, 60s, 120s subs. 100 darks, and 100 flats for each filter. About 4 hours total.
      I Used DSS for alignment and stacking, then Pixinsight for LRGB combination.
      My issue is that i'm not happy with the colours, the stars all appear white and the background is strange.
      I have attached the Aligned LRGB images.
      Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

      Green.TIF red.TIF Lum.TIF B.TIF
    • By f33n3y
      Hi everyone,
      This is the 2nd ever DSO I have captured (the first being Pleaides). I have very limited experience processing images after stacking. I have attached some of my efforts to draw detail out of M51.
      There is only around 30mins of data in the TIF file (30x60sec @ ISO800, Skywatcher 200DPS), 10 darks and 10 bias. This is all I could capture before the clouds rolled in. I have tried following some youtube tutorials but am struggling to get rid of the grey-ish tinge to the image and reduce the noise. There also seems to be a dark horizontal band across the image which I think might be a stacking artifact ? I am using Photoshop and have mainly been adjusting levels and curves but not quite sure where to go next.
      If anyone could give some advice on processing M51, what processing steps they normally take etc.....or even have a quick go at processing it that would be amazing.
      Thanks in advance

    • By f33n3y
      Hi all,
      Novice here, 2nd attempt at imaging DSO. Aimed to capture M51 last night but think I might have been off target. I thought my polar and synscan alignment was pretty good and synscan seemed to be on target for other objects.
      Can anyone tell me if I was off target or just didn't get enough data? I have tried matching the surrounding stars to other images of the area but can't seem to figure it out. I have attached the .tif output from DSS. I have played with levels and curves but can't reveal anything yet.
      If it's bad news, can anyone at least identify the faint fuzzy for me?
      Thanks in advance
      Skywatcher 200PDS + HEQ5Pro mount
      Lights 60x60sec ISO 800
      10 darks, 10 bias


    • By Yearofthegoat
      I'm reasonably pleased with this but there's lots to improve. Needs to be less noisy for one.
      Unguided Canon 50D, 20x43s subs 5xdarks, ISO800, used DSS and Photoshop CS3. Thanks to @carastro for her guide - it was very useful indeed.

    • By ajc0502
      Hi everyone, I'm slowly adapting my knowledge of Astronomy and Astrophysics and  have purchased a 'Sky-watcher Explorer Diameter=130mm Focal Length=900mm' (see image) . I would just like to know what kind of eyepiece to buy to get a good view of Mars because my current view with a 'Super 25mm' eyepiece is very disappointing .

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