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Saturn my first go


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Just starting off imaging and this is my first go at Saturn afocal. let em know what you think. Grateful for any tips on improving afocal planetary images.




Kodak Easyshare 6340


(click to enlarge)

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Tips? Ok, I found that using some rig to hold the camera in front of the eyepiece improved things dramatically. Use the optical zoom of the camera but not the digital zoom (it's ok to use digital zoom when you're focusing). Fix the camera's focusing mechanism to a manual mode (either macro/"flower" or infinity) and focus using the telescope's eyepiece focuser mechanism. Use the camera's electronic delay function to avoid vibrations during exposure.

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Very nice capture Jonathan. I have the Baader Microstage 2 from FLO for this very purpose, but haven't quite sussed it out as yet. I've discovered that it needs to be setup during the day, otherwise forget it.

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looks quite good. did you stack a movie to get this, or a single picture?

if there's anything i can recommend it would be to record as a movie, and stack it using avistack for a better result. It will then only stack teh good frames and in teh end you'll end up with a much more clear pic then a single picture will ever give you. :D

normally 1-2 minures of video shuold give a rather clear result.

any longer will give even more clear result, but fine details will be lost as the planet is rotating.

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