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Time-lapse of the Moon passing close to Aldebaran (5mb gif)

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GIFV version - http://i.imgur.com/71aFPTQ.gifv

My first try at time-lapsing.

The Moon & Aldebaran

Comparison between Aldebaran and The Sun

  • Connected my iPhone to a 25mm eyepiece (Skywatcher 10") with a DIY adapter.
  • Took a picture about every 30 seconds for something like 20 minutes (probably 18).
  • Aligned each frame in Photoshop (since I couldn't figure out how to let PiPP align it on the star), and cropped a bit.

It was taken under a very thin layer of fine clouds, although there's one frame in there where the clouds decided to get thick.


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I like that! First time I've seen that done :)

Its a very effective presentation of how quickly / far the moon moves in 20 minutes. 



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That's fab! Very cool indeed :)

"WARNING! Death Star approaching!"

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Thank you, all :)

Hopefully tomorrow evening (weather permitting) I'll take my first stab at widefield long-exposure of the ISS overhead, passing extremely close to Jupiter (0.3° separation), while simultaneously taking another video with the telescope aimed at Jupiter, and catch a closeup of the ISS whizzing by it.

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