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AS!2 Brightness

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This may seem like I'm missing something fairly obvious and to be honest I don't notice it with solar and lunar captures but in processing some planetary stuff I have noticed that there is a huge difference in terms of brightness  in the final outputted picture between the older version of AS!2 and the new version.

So much so the latest versions images are almost impossibly dim and a pain to process.

Is there a setting I'm missing that can fix this?

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Gain and exposure time. Sometimes the application may start with lowest gain (and sometimes the controls may indicate some value, but when you move then you can notice that they were actually lowest, just the controls were stuck). When you turn the histogram on you will see how far from full histogram you are missing. I often set the gain/exposure so that the histogram is sround 80-90%.

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That's the one Dan, thanks for that. I knew it was obvious. :D

Still as Rik says getting the exposure right in the first place is probably the best option but my frame rates were poor last night so I sacrificed some for higher fps.

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No problem :grin: !

The Normalize Histogram is actually quite useful for finding the best exposure settings to be fair. You can play with gain, shutter speed, exposure etc. 

I.e Sacrifice some gain for a higher frame rate and compare against regular settings easily because the brightness of the two stacks will be the same. 

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