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A good night!

Kev B

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Evening guys and gals,

Another great evening and clear sky's over Warrington.

Managed to get outside for 90 mins.

Once again Venus was far to bright! Can anyone tell me if a planetary filter would help? Or am I taking rubbish?

Jupiter was brilliant, clear banding and 3 of her moons again. One at about 11 o'clock and the other two at about 5 o'clock. Anybody have any idea which of her moons they were?

Also got a brilliant look at a cluster of stars just right and slightly lower of Jupiter, any ideas what it's called?

You can prob tell I am a newbie so sorry for all the questions, am just trying to find my way around the night sky. I am going to look myself to see if I can find out what I was looking at am not being lazy but any help is greatly received.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


Kev b

( thinking why did I wait 41 years to get a scope, what have I been missing )

Well done on a good night.

I'm also a newbie and I think the seeing was poor tonight. Either that or my collimation is out or something? Jupiter just didnt seem to be quite in focus and the moons were slightly out too.

Any thoughts anyone?

I had a quick look at venus and yes that was super bright- not really worth looking at.

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Last night at the time you posted, Europa was the lone moon to one side, and the three in a line were Ganymede, Io and Callisto in order away from Jupiter.

The cluster to the right of Jupiter is M44, also known as the Beehive Cluster. As well as something like The Sky and Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas, try a free planetarium program like Stellarium. They will help you immensely.

By the way, what scope do you have?


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Morning people

Thanks for all the replys and advice. Will take a look at the apps suggested thanks.

Trynda1701 thanks for the info on Jupiters moons and star cluster and cheers people for the Jupiter apps, brilliant.

Once again everyone's been great and helped me out.

My scope is a skywatcher explorer 130p thought that would be a good scope to start with.

Loving it so far and having my eyes opened to just how magnificent the night sky is!



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