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Are the Big bang theory and the infinity of the universe mutually exclusive ?

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Yes, I agree. Our ability to conceptualize evolved in our local environment so its tools are not adequate for an extremely non-local thing like the universe. But we have to try simply because, like Ev

i`d like to know what we are expanding into.

A closer analogy ... Imagine one of those moving walkways, the sort you get in airports, and imagine someone running along it. That person can run at a maximum of perhaps 10m/s, that maximum speed has

Coming from a computing/coding point of view, infinity is most definately a no no .. ie, N divided by '0', infinity divided by N, etc only leads to computational problems/errors.

Coming from a mathematians point of view, I think they allow for infinity, but as I'm not a mathematician that's all I can say about that one. I never did learn how formulas end with meaningful results when they include a variable of infinity.

Are we really sure we understand what we're really saying when we say 'infinity' ?

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In some models a single universe could have infinite matter (the inifinite singularity of infinite density is at least mathematically consistsent (either that or you have a finite amount of matter in a singularity of size zero). You could even have infinitely many of them.

But how does relate to what we see as being the 'real life' universe we appear to inhabit ?

Does what our maths tell us agree with what we find in the 'real' universe ?

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