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Dark Skies Near Canterbury, Kent

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I've been doing some backyard astronomy recently with a revelation 8" newtonian, and i keep doing the usual: observing the splendor of jupiter, pleiades and attempt other messier object with repeated failure. I do have a good set of eyepieces as well as UHC filter. 

I figured i'd try my university (Kent) observatory, but even there the skyglow from the town is evident, and my observing was not particularly much better than the backyard. Someone here posted a popular statement; if you can't see the milky way, you won't be able to see any galaxies and that has got me thinking....

So i'm wandering, are there any dark sites close to Canterbury (not farther than ashford) anyone can point me to? 

Should i attempt the University Observatory if anyone has had any experience there?

Thanks very much from a long time lurker :)

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I used to live in Sturry , trouble is any southern view is knocked out but both the city lights and the flood lights at the hockey ground , add any moisture in the air and basically forget it.

However if you go south of Ashford or head towards Sandwich / Deal then the skies get a lot better.

SEKAS have an observatory near Minster so it may worth contacting them or iirc there is a observatory at Canterbury High that Mid Kent astro use.

Please note that this info may well be out of date as we moved from Canterbury six years ago and now have to suffer the pitch black skies of rural Devon ;)

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Its a very rough high school

Tell me about it , my wife attended CH when it was called Frank Hooker 30 odd years ago , a spit and sawdust type ( the school not my wife ) :D

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Yep, quiet , only the odd fisherman. The trouble with easy access is intruders. This area is locally known and empty in autumn - winter.

The SKAG meet in Walmer Castle car park, with cars on full headlights coming in !


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