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M51 - My Turn.. 11hrs & counting

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11 hrs & 10 mins so far of LRGB on this. The seeing hasn't been that great & I'd like to add some Ha before I loose astro darkness with the nights rapidly getting shorter.

All processing (well experimenting really so far, on this one) in PI


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Very nice, what camera did you shoot this with, the 314 ?

Sry.. that was a rushed post.. distracted by the smell of burning from me croissants (late lunch) :eek:

Yes, one of the trusty 314's. The scope is the C925 with reducer & Moonlite. Mount is EQ8. Acquired with ACP/Maxim.

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Thanks for the comments & likes, much appreciated  :)

I don't seem to get a lot of time to process my hard won subs these days and my processing skills are not that great to start with!. I do want to revisit this one with more data & pull a lot more out. I'm hoping some Ha would help on this one too. I was experimenting a bit with this in PixInsight & thought I'd post it anyway as I think this is only the 2nd image I've posted this year if not this season! I'm trying to work out how to process in PI without it looking like a typical PI processed image, if you know what I mean. I must admit this is not as smooth as I'd like for the amount of data, I've been fighting so much blue coming through in this one too. I don't know if its been the poor seeing contributing to that in some way or not? Perhaps I should be more ruthless with my choice of subs (I have around another 4 hours worth I decided to not use!).

Imaging with the amount of backfocus the Moonlite/rotator (& weight!) adds to the C925 is a bit of a challenge. It's a lovely focuser but I don't think I'd get away with a larger chip. The edges are warp factor 99! Also for some reason I find the collimation even with Bobs Knobs of this scope a right pain too. I've had to apply some serious star reduction so I'm probably going to give in to star spikes next season & look for a RC instead.

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That's a really nice image Graham. :smiley:


Cheers Jeff.. looks like you're still up too.. trying to make the best of another clear night but poor seeing. Trying to make the best out of the 3 weeks we have left before we loose astronomical darkness until the 9th of August..  then we get 30 mins of it back again !!

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I'm not in the obsy tonight, for some reason I just didn't feel like it, I'm just sitting about trying new processing techniques & getting nowhere fast!

Are you getting the Ha for this image or do you have a new target?


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I'm not in the obsy tonight, for some reason I just didn't feel like it, I'm just sitting about trying new processing techniques & getting nowhere fast!

Are you getting the Ha for this image or do you have a new target?


Ah.. I decided I could try Ha on this one when it's even more less than perfect than it is tonight. So decided to try & complete my data set for NCG4565. Every other time I've tried it this year I only managed to get R before the clouds came in!

It's a bit finicky with guiding though.. why I've been baby sitting it at the moment rather than leaving ACP to it. There's stars in the OAG but they're too bright with the Lodestar. I've had to change binning to 4 but let ACP choose min exposure of .5 for it to pick the really feint ones to be happy... I'm normally happier with around 3 & bin 2.. (it was 9 secs before the meridian flip) to avoid chasing the seeing but I have to admit it's the flattest graph (the spikes the dither) I've had with an OAG at this focal length! Just wish the seeing was better.

Get those subs in... There'll be plenty of time for processing in May, June July & August mate... :grin:

Ahh.. here comes the cloud.. oh well


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    • By jacko61
      After some trial and error I'm getting some very good guiding results with PHD2 now. 60mm guidescope and ASI290MM mini camera. The M42 image taken late March was 12 x 15 second exposures taken manually with my dslr / C8 and a stopwatch. Stacked in DSS and played with a bit in GIMP. On the night I couldn't get APT to register the camera - turned out to be the mini USB cable (although later trials point to the socket in the camera being a bit loose too). 
      Bought an iOPTRON iPOLAR that arrived on Friday and had a play with that which has resulted in near perfect polar alignment. 2 star alignment and an additional 2 calibration stars on my Advanced GT mount means I'm getting very accurate GOTOs now and PHD2 (through the ST4 port on the ASI camera) seems to be guiding very well.  Last night after more cable faffing I managed to get everything working together to the point where I felt confident enough to leave it running by itself for an hour and a half (45 minutes of 180 second exposures plus 3 minutes each exposure to save the file - I've since found out I shouldn't have noise reduction switched on in the camera - DOH!) so M51 is 15 x 180 second @ ISO 800 lights and 5 x 180 second darks.  A little manipulation in GIMP and I think it's come out very well. Obviously still have a lot to learn and I'm going to have to start taking much longer exposures  but I'm quite pleased with these 2 pictures. 


    • By dazza1639
      2020 hasn’t been a great year for anyone, but we’ve had a good comet, and some clear nights. I haven’t been the most productive, or even a very good imager this year, but I’m quite pleased with what I’ve learnt, narrowband has been a revelation . So I thought I would share a few of my images, and a video I put together or them. Thanks for all the great images and tips that have been posted. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a great 2021.

    • By chriscoles
      Hi, I have taken mono LRGB images of M51 with my new ASI1600mm-PRO.
      I have a mix of 30s, 60s, 120s subs. 100 darks, and 100 flats for each filter. About 4 hours total.
      I Used DSS for alignment and stacking, then Pixinsight for LRGB combination.
      My issue is that i'm not happy with the colours, the stars all appear white and the background is strange.
      I have attached the Aligned LRGB images.
      Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

      Green.TIF red.TIF Lum.TIF B.TIF
    • By EyeGuy
      This is from a couple of nights ago.
      It clouded in quickly, so I didn't get much data. The temp was 2C, and I'm self-isolating - so that was also a factor! I only took 5 darks before I gave up and went to bed. I'll take more when the temp is right.
      This is 140 min integration time on a new Canon EOS Ra with 17x500s exposures, and no filter (from the city).
      Processed in PI and Photoshop - I should have used more star masks but the data aren't good enough to warrant the effort I think. I also had difficulty with flats - I tried a range of exposures with a Gerd Neumann panel, but I think they were all too short. Will go longer than 0.3s next time - very hard to figure out flat exposure on DSLRs, and APT's tool doesn't work for DSLRs yet.
      I think I'm obsessed with M51 - and I know I'll be back to it again.
      Stay safe everyone,

    • By knobby
      First attempt at any DSO other than the brighter stuff like M42 or Andromeda.
      Learning to use the AZ-Gti /Sharpcap polar align / windows synscan app / APT platesolving ... And guiding ! all in one night ?
      all went well so had a quick 30 mins on M51 (first time I'd ever managed to actually frame it ... Plate solving is amazing)
      90 second subs gain 420 and 5 darks and synthetic flat for dust bunnies / gradients
      Wish I'd have gone longer now as tried a 5 minute sub once guiding was working which looked good .
      Very noisy but only 30 mins .

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