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GoPro Night Sky Compilation

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I've created a small compilation of videos of the Night Sky from my small back garden,

Living in a small town with light pollution it's quite surprising on what you can see and even more surprising on how much the GoPro will pick up.

I hope you like the video.


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I love time lapse photography The Hero does a wonderful job. Nice compilation. 

Loved the soundtrack, I had never heard of these guys before but did a quick search and now, because of you, I am going to have to spend some money getting their albums.  :smiley:

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Love it.

I recently purchased a book on timelapes photography as I really want to give it ago.

How long were the exposures and what is the gap in between each one?

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I have a gopro 4 silver that I use for skydiving. I never even thought about using it for anything astro I think I may take it out with me when I next do some stargazing.

Lovely videos, very inspiring-nice one [emoji4]

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