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Saturn and the Beehive widefield


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Here's one of my fav views of the evening sky of late Saturn and the Beehive Cluster, taken with a 70-300 sigma lens and Canon 300D DSLR.

18 Frames of 30 secs stacked in Registax 3 and then processed a little in Photoshop.


James :lol:

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Great photo.

A few questions so I can have a go, as I'm still waiting to try my new E500 & sigma 110-400 lens.

1, Guided or unguided.

2, Iso setting

3, Focal length used

4, Any filter, (lpr ect)

5, Any lights nearby. (all mine so far have orange skyglow, but I can get rid of most adjusting levels)

That it for now


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Hi Greencat,

To answer your Questions,

1.Slew rate 1 on my Motorised HEQ5 mount no additional Guideing was used.

2.Iso 1600

3.Sorry don't remember

4.No LPR filters, found a filter with no indication of what it is on the ring..

5.Amazing amount of Light Pollution like you i process the Orange Glow out of the image.

Glad ou like the Pic

James :lol:

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