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moved to Sweden

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I moved to Sweden last year. The moving company broke the mount of my celestron nexstar 6se so I haven't been doing any viewing lately.

We have some amazing clear nights here but a bit cold!

I'm thinking about buying a new telescope, maybe a dobsonian 10 inch. I have up to an absolute Max of a grand to spend. Any recommended please?

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Thanks for the reply.

I think I am leaning towards the 10 inch skywatcher flextube. They seem to be quite well liked on here.....

Couple of questions though.

Will I need a fan? If so are they easy to fit and can someone recommend one please?

Any other accessories I will need to consider to get good use straight away?

Thanks in advance.

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Another vote for the orion  optics 10", a well respected scope. The skyliner new is c£530..Both big capable scopes.. Fans are one of the first mods put on these big boys!

Good luck with your choice.

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For visual anything manual like an az4 or 5, skytee, will do. I've even used my azgti which is the cheapest goto I believe, the scope is a bit on the limit if the dovetails are long but for visual it should be okay. The newer SAGTI is also highly commended but same payload as azgti.

For a bit more strength and upgrade potential look to 1000K+ costing mounts (you can save a lot from RRP buying used) like an eq5 or 6, ioptron gem/cem 20 range.

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