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New Horizons, Only 100 days from Pluto.

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This is the best image taken so far. Charon and Pluto. Amazing! Fine details are really emerging every day, and not just for Pluto.  All of this is so exciting!              Source: http://pluto.jhua

Not long to go now for this 'once in a lifetime' encounter  Some dates.  April 2015 Approach Phase 2 begins April 5, 2015 100 days until Pluto close approach (P-100) April 9, 2015 Colour approach ima

Thats an interesting conversation. Someone posted a link to the image below comparing a New Horizons image with an arstists impression by Don Dixon many years old: Quite remarkable correlation !

Posted Images

This is what NASA is saying about the television coverage tomorrow:

"Wednesday, July 15
Noon to 3 p.m. – Interview Opportunities (no NASA TV coverage)

Informal group briefings and availability for one-on-one interviews. An updated schedule will be posted in the New Horizons Media Center. Media may call into the media center for phone interviews during newsroom hours.

3 to 4 p.m. – Media Briefing: Seeing Pluto in a New Light; live on NASA TV

Release of close-up images of Pluto’s surface and moons, along with initial science team reactions." (my emphasis).

These times are EDT so I guess we won't be seeing pics before evening tomorrow.

Currently I'm unable to connect to NASA TV. It's saying: "There was a problem getting the configuration information. Please try again later." guess the servers are overloaded.


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How very curious, just before New Horizons reached closest approach to Pluto it magically acquired a companion... an easter egg, or did I hit a wrong button?

New horizon

..sorry me being stupid, I must have hit 'compare sizes'. Just as well it wasn't the school bus button.
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Great image.

Couldn't have agreed more about the coverage being woeful. Probably everyone getting a bit over excited. And why not!

Fortunately they are rather better at fearsomly complex space missions.

Here is hoping that the real goal of getting the data back here proves to be as successful.


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I was planning to take the day off work today to watch the coverage, glad I didn't.

Has there just been a lot of misinformation, or did they not actually reveal when the first few close approach images would be released, until today?

Don't want to slate their press team too much, but if us lot don't know what is due and when.

None of which will matter when we get those high res images in front of us :)

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It's interesting to compare Pluto with Neptune's moon Triton, which is a captured Kuiper Belt object slightly larger than Pluto.


Triton is still geologically active which is why there are so few visible craters. To my inexpert eye it looks like Pluto is more heavily cratered but still has a surface dominated by geological processes rather than impacts. I'm not sure what this implies for the age of the surface, I imagine the cratering rate is very low out in the sparsely populated Kuiper Belt.

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The surface looks like my (bygone era!) used SUPER BALL. :p

Particularly if they've been lost in the vegetation for  a few years, I just dug one up from the front garden which some kid must have lost from the playing fields opposite us, the weathering has given it canyons and rilles

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