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NEW feature for Clear Outside


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​We are proud to announce a major new feature for the Clear Outside iPhone & Android apps - a ‘Clear My Skies’ button.

This is a pay-per-use button, built right into the app. It will appear when cloudy skies are forecast, all you have to do is press the button and point your phone in the air for 10 seconds. Within 5 minutes, your skies will be 100% clear! 
We have been working closely with Professor Metz, a laser refraction specialist, who designed our recently launched satellite FLO-SAT1 which features a patented parabolic dish with 'ring of diamond' configuration kindly provided by the Wint & Kidd company in Amsterdam. When a precisely collimated laser is directed through this ring of diamonds and tuned in just the right way it can burn a hole through multiple layers of cloud covering a significant radius within minutes. 
When you press the ‘Clear My Skies’ button in the app your GPS location is fixed and relayed to the satellite which is currently in a geo-stationary orbit above the UK (sorry International users but we hope to launch additional satellites in the near future, subject to demand). The satellite is then pointed at your precise location and a high energy laser beam fired to burn through the cloud layer providing crystal clear skies for at least 3 hours (subject to wind speed and direction). 
Additional credits are available as an in-app purchase for a mere £9.99 each. 
We hope you enjoy this new feature and welcome any suggestions for improvements or feature requests. 
Please note: This service is still in ‘beta’. Currently we are aware of one bug that might enable you to press the ‘Clear My Skies’ button when the sky is already clear, this could result in serious destruction and injury so please use with caution! 
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I would prefer it if it could transport me and my scope to a place with clear skies! Now that would be something worth paying for... Nice one...

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Just signed up, but it hasn't worked yet. :confused:  :mad:

I think I know where I went wrong - pointed the phone in the wrong direction -any clear skies over Scotland yet???

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There are clear skies here at the moment, but I've got dreadful wind and the scope wobbles all over the place.  Can it help with that?


its for clear skies. For dreadful wind try deflatine

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