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I wonder if this has any application to observing?

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Very interesting. The experiment is described in more detail here:


The testing was crudely subjective and poorly controlled, but it's plausible that there was a genuine effect. The black appearance of the subject's eyes is due to dark lenses put on them to shield him from light - they could have just put him in a dark room but that wouldn't have been so good for the camera. No idea what the long-term health effect might be - personally I'll stick to avoiding street lights and using a decent telescope as an aid to observing.

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I have type II diabetes. Once every 2-3 yrs i go and have my eyes tested in the clinic. They put drops in my eyes to open them up so they can see right into the back of them.These drops besides burning like acid, make me almost completely blind in daylight for a few hours (i have to get a lift to and from the clinic because i cant drive with the drops in),but they give me great night vision for a couple of hours before the effects wear off.

I could probably hit a mouse with a peashooter at 50 paces at night while outside. 

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Same here, mine's a late afternoon appointment. My pupils filled my iris colour bits.

Certainly came in very useful, had to wear sunglasses even with cloud, hurrah !


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