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I wasn't going to post this...

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But I haven't done any imaging for way too long... It's nothing like the depth of DSLR images I used to post in the past and it's had brutal heavy handed processing...

This is a relatively short run image from SGLX taken on the Sunday night with the Full spectrum 7D  and Canon 50/1.8EF II @ f3.5 45x60s ISO800 with IDA MFA filter fitted to reduce the LP and take care of UV/IR Cut...  I was struggling to get the "software" based camera control apps to run so went back to the old faithful timer remote - remembering to leave the wireless controller near the camera this time and not wander off with it like I did a few years ago and wonder why I had a huge gap in the subs...

It was really just a test image from the recently modified camera and to see if I could try and tame the noise for the 7D - my attempts from home didn't have enough subs...


Cassiopeia Astronometry Annotated by psmithuk, on Flickr

As well as the objects listed by Astronometry.net I there are several Ha rich regions... 

Ced 214 , NGC 7635, SH2-157

Can't wait to point it at the Cygnus nebs mounted on the NEQ-6...


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And this....


Got dragged out of this....


In a battle that lasted about 5 mins.... There's still remain of the "tree dark nebula" and the LP gradient from Hereford.. but it will do as a camera test...


Astronometery overlays is a bit out as I used manual lens correction  :(

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