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heads up for cheap new sammy 2000 on fleabay £36 inc

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Adam, not only does a crummy cheap factory fitted IR filter block the infrared in objetcs, it also blocks around 75% of Hydrogen Alpha which is what Emission Nebulas are seen in. If you want to get th

You don't 'need' an IR cut filter in SCT's, but they do help. The sensors we use are very sensitive to IR and will pick up any IR in the object. We can't see it but the camera does. But again, many pe

Hi Stash, That's a great deal! In response to Big, it's a good idea to remove the IR filter that comes with it . It's an easy process that can be found described on many other forum posts. A good

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Thanks guys..

Sure is a relief to get it sorted.  Just heard back from EZCap (on a Sunday!!) in response to my mail saying the new unit worked.  They said they only get

a 0.6% failure rate.

Gee.. that must mean mines pretty rare eh?  ...maybe its worth more than I paid for it..  :laugh:   You know like those coins with the queens head upside down

or the stamps with no value printed on them... No? Oh well maybe not.

As Shirva says.. time to get imaging.  Here's to Clear Skies for everyone.


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Would go for a flip mirror and 6mm eyepiece first

Way back I was asking about using a  Bahtinov Mask to get good video focus, and got advice that a Flip-Mirror Diagonal and 6mm EP would be more of an asset (see Shirvas post). 

Well using a Mask I have found it invaluable for visual observing but when it comes to Video work I now know why the use of a flip mirror is so valuable.

Having diligently set up my accurate GOTO alignment I realised that on substituting an EP for the camera setup I was dramaticly changing the balance of the scope.  Of course repositioning the scope on the dovetail would (and did) mean complete loss of GOTO alignment.. meaning I was back to square one!

So.. I have accepted the need for a Flip-Mirror diagonal.. but my question is what kind to get.  With a Mak-SCT scope I have plenty of focus range but it concerns me that I have seen many reports of people having focus problems particularly if they want to use a barlow as part of their visual alignment process.   Should I go for a par-focal diagonal (and forget the use of a barlow), or is it better to have helical focus adjustment (with inevitable increase in cost of the unit)?  

I would welcome anyone's feelings on this. Thanks.


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Sorry I can't help on the features of the mak scopes, not got one yet..but glad to hear my advice has helped a bit.

the mask is still a valuable tool for video astronomy. .focus to brightest star to where you wish to video.should get an answer soon think karl is your best bet for a good answer

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