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Lunt 60tha magnifications


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I'm going round and round as to whether I go the Lunt 60 or quark route to Ha observing and imaging, am i correct in thinking the Lunt is only really for full disk observing and the magnification needed to get get close enough to isolate smaller areas of the sun are beyond the Lunt 60 ?

The quark however can be put in one scope for full disk observing and then a longer one for 'zooming' in to different parts of the sun?

On another note, for imaging I take it an eq mount is needed to avoid field rotation as per DSO imaging? Or can you use an alt/az mount and then just align the features on each frame, I say 'just' as I hope there is software that does this rather than having to do each one individually.

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Roughly correct. The LS60 (like my SM-II 60) generally will show the full disk, but under good skies I have used magnifications as high as 80x which in a Vixen SLV 5mm EP does not quite give a full disk. The Quark can be put in bigger scopes to zoom in closely, but gives full disks in very short scopes (like an ST80)

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