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I’ve been a member of Batley and Spenborough Astronomical Society ( http://www.freewebs.com/bsastrosociety/ ) for a number of years a small astronomy club with it’s own observatory and friendy, enthusiastic and knowledgeable members (down to less than half a dozen of us now), we open the observatory to the public once a month during the winter and to organised groups of visitors.

Last year we noticed the flat roof of the observatory was leaking so club funds were used to reroof it, a nice tidy job was done, a week later vandals had smashed a hole through the roof, so reroofing was carried out, and razor wire fitted around the edges of the building, Last week we noticed that someone had been trying to cut the aluminium of the dome !, then this week the dome had been cut properly and the sheeting bent back but thankfully no one got in to the scope.

So I dread to think what the future will bring more barbed wire ?, steel edges to the aluminium on the dome ?, who knows.

What a sad, sad world we live in when this sort of thing goes on.

As a final word to this, if there’s any astronomers in the area who would like to come along and join us at the club, we would be delighted to see you, we meet at 8.00pm on Thursdays throughout the year.

Sorry for the rant.


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Machine-gun nest on the roof? Perhaps video cameras.

They are probably trying to steal the metal. We stopped putting the copper downspouts back on our church, because people kept stealing them.

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It's a very sad reflection of the times we live in Alan. The country is infected with a breed of low life, that needs a drastic and radical approach to.

A large indoor double Tennis Court was built in a large Public Park in our city. It would provide a facility for tennis throughout the year, unaffected by weather. It was an inflated cover, and very large. It was an attractively designed structure, and bookings for it, indicated it's assured success. That was until the Yobs got at it. A security fence did not deter them, and they ripped the fabric to shreds.

When I learned of this, an intense anger just welled up inside. My wife and I use that park occasionally, to walk the dog, and we had watched all the work that had gone into this project.

I defy anyone to give me a satisfactory explanation for insane behaviour such as this, there isn't one in my book.

These people are just evil, and don't deserve to walk upright.

Now I apologize to you for my rant.


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Horrible society we live in.

I assume the local police are aware of your plight Alan. Not much hope but it is worth them knowing about the problem. I am not familiar with Batley or the surrounding area, so I do not know if your observatory is isolated. Is there a reference so that I can Google Map search it?

Update: Found it! The Observatory appears tucked out of the way - great for astronomy and, unfortunately, if you want to get up to no good! :rolleyes:


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I had a similar thing at the place I work. Every week, kids would break in and smash up bits of the 6 acre gardens we have, or break the greenhouses or steal other stuff. Always through the same hole in the fence, I fix it, they cut it etc.

I stopped them coming through by rigging the bodies of dead animals, rabbits and pigeons, and wiring them to the fence. Getting in would have meant crawling through rotting flesh and maggots. Drastic I know, but it worked, and was an effective use for the pests. Making the place as unappealing as possible is the best you can do.

It seems that the more fortified you make the place, the more treasure they think you are hiding. What about setting up a hidden camera in a bush and trying to film them? It will be some drug driven loser doing the place over, and you can bet your life he will be known to the police. Or get a couple of guys to lie in wait, and carry out true justice.

One time I was patrolling the grounds for pests and a couple of youngsters thought the area at the back of the gardens made for a good spot for a romantic liason. I silently got as close as I could (they were only kissing & cuddling I hasten to add) and then let go both barrels of my 12 guage into the air. You should have seen the beggars run. :rolleyes:

Hope you get that sorted one way or t'other.


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I see the little beggars are at it again Alan Wish I could still get across to it but its so difficult now not on bus route at all I used to love going to see all the peeps there send on my regards to the membership for me mate I can let you have a camera if you want to set one up there for surveylance purposes

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Sorry to hear of your trouble there Alan, if it's any consolation, Lincoln Obs has been broken into before. On a more serious note, be very careful of any 'anti theft' devices you install because if Joe Burglar gets hurt, Plod will be all over you like a ton of bricks.

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On a more serious note, be very careful of any 'anti theft' devices you install because if Joe Burglar gets hurt, Plod will be all over you like a ton of bricks.

I am glad to say that here in Spain it is the other way round. The Guardia Civil just ask that you dump the body in the next province.

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Really sorry to hear about your problems, they are little sods aren't they.

They deserve so much more than they get... Electrify the dome I say.

It is very hard to discuss this without getting into politics, but something does need doing and I think that is it partially the lack of punishment from parents and teachers thats to blame. (i.e. it isn't there fault, but they are not allowed to give kids a damn good smack when they deserve it).


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Sorry to hear about your society's troubles with wanton vandalism. You've had plenty of suggestions I see. (I was going to mention the "anti climb" paint, as it stopped "yobs" getting into the car park of the ind est I look after - they broke 11 car windows to steal "sat navs" last year.)

You could also try a CCTV camera - possibly linked (wirelessly?) to someones house.

Also, a rota of members to keep an "intermittent" and random eye on the place. If anyone was seen, I wouldn't advise approaching them, but simply call the Police.

If these "yobs" "Druggies" or whatever can see that the place is being watched, it might deter them enough for your premises to be left alone.

Best wishes for the future anyway,



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Dogs, big dogs, dobermans perhaps, kept on the hungry side and trained to hate everyone...............bar its handler...... :D


Why inflict a bad taste on a poor animal, baseball bats are much better and dont need feeding :(

I'm a breakin victim so I have the right to think like this :shocked:

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I suppose you could make them members.

Although with a drug culture so prevalent in today's society, matters may have advanced beyond were such a move would be of benefit. Still if it turns one of them it may be worth it.

Interesting list of very satisfying methods of retribution being suggested here. I would suggest caution because, as some have already stated, if the miscreants hurt themselves, there is a whole raft of professional types out there who not hesitate to defend their clients civil rights whilst happily taking the tax payers shilling to fund it. Your society would be chewed up and spat out by a ruthless posse of judiciary.

Not too political Ant I hope.

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That sucks! The sad thing is there is b all you can do. A lot of the time it's just senseless vandalism for no apparent reason - they just don't think about what they are doing and how it harms other people. Nobody teaches individual responsibility anymore. Welcome to the "me" world. :(


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The scrots will steal anything nowadays for a few coppers. Near Brum they stole the name plates off the war memorial - which were sold for scrap. (SO didn't the scrapbloke wonder at plaques with list of war dead?)

In our local crime free (according to the police) area 'they' stole the lead off the privey roof of the local bigwig. Obviously someone must still use this 3 seater regularly as the bigwig reported the theft the morning after it happened!

We also get fly tipping. One landowner found a load of tyres (huge down to small) had been dumped overnight in his yard. The police were uninterested. The council wanted £2 per tyre to remove them as they had been dumped on private land (owned by a council ratepayer).

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As for being held responsible for any harm to K**b head vandals as to the

levels of protection you can give your property,

I say "Stuff 'em!!!!!!!!"

The court of Human Rights in the Hague would have a field day on the Idiot

who tried to sue someone because they were hurt during the act of Wanton Vandalism,

and that their property was "Too well Protected"

As long as you have adequate notices, THAT ARE VISIBLE, around your property, advising K**b heads who want to break in and cause unnecessary suffering

that you have "Razor Wire" and other methods to stop this kind of thing, then they have not got a leg to stand on! And that comes from a relative of mine who is a Lawyer!

He was asked to stand for such a person who slit his leg wide open on razor wire, whilst trying to break in to a large property, and because there was notices all around the property, warning anyone that security measures of this kind, and others, were in use, the K**b lost!!!!!!! and got thrown out of court!

He also said that these cases can depend on Persons presiding over them,

and other mitigating circumstances

So be sensible, and get some advice from the Law as to what is deemed to be "Adequate Warnings"

for any Anti-Vandal measures you may legally appoint to your property.


(A very P****d off Aries!)

Give me a gun someone!!!!!!!!!! :( :violent1:

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Well don't forget if you're going to take the ultimate deterrent (which I do not condone for one moment oh no M'Lud) make sure you do the job properly. Tony Martin's mistake was not finishing off the other two who robbed him.

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