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The show tonight was very good

Yes It was,

The first show was a disaster, to me, and I wondered why I had watched it,

the second show was much better, others have said similar elsewhere,

and tonight was the best of the three I thought, perhps they needed time to get into their stride ? after all non of them have the (natural ?) ability of SirP

So maybe they need to be given a monthly slot, like SirP was give back in 19'dinosaur58? but even then, he hit the ground running :)

Did I just propose a monthly Stargazing slot, dear me, I must be getting old , , ,

But anyway, back to the stargazing theme, like the Polaris segment, think how many other interesting objects there are just waiting for similar attention on a clear night for peeps to get along to FLO and get a gizmo, there never was such an affordable opportunity since (shh) S@N was concieved, to engage peeps interest.

I say, keep the pre-recorded interviews, space vehicles, for when there are no Polaris(s) available for live , , ,

ok I'll get my coat ,,,

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I wonder if they stumble along, or take note of opinions posted on SGL. ?

I wonder whose loss it would be if they dont ?

now where is that mischevious emoticon ! lol!

Are we that representative of the average audience of Beeb2 that they should take notice ?  :) !

ChrisL does look in (no doubt others do but dare not speak!) , dunno if he takes notice though !

From OUR point of view (well mine anyway) it matters not a jot, I get my info from the web these days ( 'twas different when SirPat was one of the very few), my children get their info from me ( ahem, often the other way round as years go on :-) lol!) and they from the interweb

so the whole premise of 'stimulation' from TV (edit, or even purpose of ?) takes on a whole new meaning. (edit , in the interweb era)

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I like the 3rd show the best.

Brian and the other presenters all easy listen, engaging and enthralling.

Dara sorry but please lose him. He is not funny, he flattens conversation, he is condescending, he is not an enabler at all.

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Yep, I have been a bit busy and so only managed to watch episode 2 which I thought was wonderful with the information and data. It just shows what little I know or have forgotten!

Was gonna catch up with episode 3 this evening but spent the time I had looking at Comet Lovejoy - I got th

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