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Looks like I might have a result, shielding outside my house again and possibly on the main problem light which effects my back garden. It pays to ask and to be fair they were pretty prompt the first time round.

From: Phil H  
Sent: 19 March 2015 12:11
To: Tate, Christine
Subject: Re: FW: Newcastle & North Tyneside PFI Lighting site feedback: General enquiry
Hi Christine,
A while back you very kindly got a light shielded outside my house post number  4B901, unfortunately the black paint has now gone off of it and it is back shining in my bedroom window again. Could you pass this on to the relevant people as the North Tyneside lighting website is not working at the moment.
Many Thanks
On 20 March 2015 at 09:16, Tate, Christine 
Hi Phil
Thank you for your email.
I have checked our records and it was actually a shield that was fitted to column 4B901 on 08/09/11. It was possibly removed to allow the new remote monitoring system to be fitted and was not replaced. I have booked a job on this column to has the shield re-fitted for you.
The new system that has been fitted in ********** Avenue and other surrounding street actually operates on a dimmed basis. The lighting switches on at 75% then dims around midnight to 65%, then back up to 75% around 5.00am. The system also alerts us to any faults with an individual light.
I will look into the possibility of having a shield fitted to the column in ********* Road and if we can fit one, we will.
Kind regards
Hi Christine,
Thank you so much, by the way I can assure you although the records might say a shield I watched the guy paint it!
Many Thanks
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