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ECLIPSE WEATHER (Not looking good)

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Got pics all the way through, cloud cover kinda ruined the focus on a few of them but glad i got them at all. Matt

Waking up this morning to find fog across the valley and thick cloud above my spirits dropped. However by 8am the cloud had thinned enough to see where the sun was in the sky, so we put the scope out

Posted Images

Dimmer here, but TBH it could just be the cloud getting thicker.

Disapointed? Not really as I wasn't expecting much. I was in the Lake District during the '99 total eclipse and the light was more peculier with nice crescent-shaped shadows.

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150p and 18mm ES + smartphone through near total cloud cover

This shot was UNFILTERED.  Stupid, I know, but the clouds were filtering it well enough to protect my eyes and the camera

Looks good 

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The weather gods answered my prayers and we got a clear slot right in the nick of time here in Co.Antrim. Amazing considering the amount of cloud in general over here today.

Got to see almost the entire eclipse with blue sky for the maximum. Superb it was!

Big drop in light here at the peak too. Very impressive overall.

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Absolutely CHUFFED. Just after "totality", the clouds vanished and i got great unobstructed views. Least i got to see about 40 mins of it. Not the 95% i was hoping for, but i'll take what i got.

Well worth getting up a 5am for. I didnt bother with my eclipse glasses..............i grabbed my scope and whacked on the filters.

Outstanding. The adrenalin is pumping through me.

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The 2017 eclipse in North America is on 21st of August. A nice date to make it a full week in the USA. I might consider it once 2017 comes along.

Think i'll save up for the Egypt eclipse in 2027, clear skies there me thinks  :grin:

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Totally clear skies here from start to finish.

I'm well pleased about it.

and now....total cloud cover!

But I don't care!

And I got to show my daughters (aged 4 & 5) before they went to school.


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