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Scope number 2 - constaints! choices? Big mount first? aargh!

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okay, so my 9yo has a 100p mini dobsonian and I am hooked - so a bigger/better scope for me seems inevitable

really enjoy roaming the sky, splitting doubles, clusters, planets but not finding faint fuzzies very interesting (in a 100p anyhow) so my initial thought was a smallish long refractor on a really solid mount like an EQ5 - so there is an upgrade path to bigger/better scope in the future or the option to get motors and stray in to imaging (which does appeal)

Budget is probably around £250 but could stretch to £400. Maybe an Evostar 100/120 on EQ5. I am actively exploring is a s/h EQ5 and separate OTA but haven't been able to try any kit like this locally

Another advantage of this route is low cost exit if I don't really get the time / energy / enjoyment - the kit should sell on with little loss

One concern is the weight and set up times/hassle - is this really something that can be popped in the garden in a few minutes or go on holiday with us?

Not convinced of the Dob mount (based on our 100p admittedly) it doesn't seem very solid or stable - I observe with glasses and it is annoying when the scope keeps moving about at higher magnifications if touched accidentally. So a 200p Dob doesn't really appeal, though I would like to try one

sorry, long and complicated question - but welcome some other perspectives

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A full size dob mount is very stable as well as affordable. I find mine holds my 12" scope stable enough to use 300-400x without any problem. If I give the tube a rap the vibrations die down in just a second or two even at that power. The Heritage 100P has a single arm table top mount which will have it's limitations but it's not a guide to how 6" and upward dobs behave. I've owned them in the 8", 10" and 12" sizes.

A 6" dob will out perform a 100 / 120 achromat refractor and is much easier to setup and move around than the EQ5 mount with it's counterweights and steel tripod. Takes up less room too with a small footprint when it's pointing straight up.

I've seen 6" dobs for £100-£120 on the used market recently. You could certainly recoup most or all of that if you decide it's not for you.

Theres another perspective :smiley:

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I don't think a few minutes and go on holiday quite fits in with an EQ mount.

There is a great thread on selfies with telescopes that really helps the size aspect.


Imaging there are more ways to have a go then the full on correct way, from my observations it depends how serious you want to go. You have before mentioned all the camera gear what about a staradventurer to use it, just as tripod legs I think.

This post shows what is being created with out the correct gear pushing the boundaries of none EQ images. Though images taken with the good stuff can be jaw dropping.


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