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Hi team SGL,

I'm lucky enough to be going to Portugal in a couple of weeks, where the wife informs me the Milky Way is easily visible. The problem is that with all the kids stuff, our baggage limit will be a big problem so I don't see how I can take my 120mm Evostar F8 Frac.

I could take my 6x30 finder scope. Is there a better finder scope or other small scope which people would recommend taking along?

Also, what do the numerical descriptions of finderscopes mean? Ie what is 6x30? How do I calculate mag and fov for a finder scope?



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6x30 = 6x magnification, 30mm aperture, just like with binocs. FOV varies but is usually 5-7 degrees in a finder.

But it seems to me you'd be hugely better off with a pair of 10x50 binocs than a 6x30 finder.

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Another vote for a decent pair of bino's, under a dark sky you will be amazed at what you can see. If you have a smartphone / tablet download stellarium for it. And enjoy your hol!

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Yes, it's for viewing, so Binos it is.  I have a pair of 10 x 50s somewhere in my parents house.  Funnily eough I got those for my birthay when I was about 8 and really wanted a telescope, but when I got the scope  I couldn't make it work so it got returned (parents were no help).  30 years later and I finally have my first scope (120 frac) and second scope arriving tomorrow!  (SCT9.25 AVX)

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