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Solar filters for binoculars?

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I have a pair of vintage 10x50s and a SkyWatcher 130. I am quite interested in seeing the solar eclipse. But on that day I will be in college and my rucksack can only hold so much.

Is it possible to get solar filters for binoculars? If so, what filter would be best for observing the corona? (I hear there are many types of filter, some for observing sun stops, other for flares etc)



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Commercially made solar filters for binoculars are quite expensive, you can make your own from Baader Astrosolar film type ND5. These will allow you to safely view the eclipse and sunspots but nothing more, You would need to be on the path of totality to see the corona.  :smiley:

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As Peter says the Baader film will be your best bet. You can easily cut two pieces and make 'covers' for each end of your binos. Depending on their size you may be able to utilise toilet roll tubes as well. Just be careful with finger prints on the film.

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Thousand Oaks http://www.thousandoaksoptical.com/ do glass ones, (type 2+). These give the solar disc/disk the orange colour/color. As Peter Drew says, they are expensive... and if ordering direct from them in USA; HM Customs :police:  & PO/Royal Mail :police: will want there share of your money too. :evil5:  I found that out in early 1999, when I ordered one for my TeleVue Ranger. :Envy: 

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I bought a pair of Kendrick binocular filters direct from them in Canada.


The cad113 ones came to about £80 including shipping, vat, & post office vat collection charge. Not sure you'll get them by Friday though. Their service was excellent so you could find out by emailing them if you're interested.

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