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10th March 2015 - Venus


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I have spent much of my time with my new hobby exploring the big Gas Giants so over the last few days I decided to try and capture Venus. Not a very interesting planet to be honest but I do like the fact that you can see the various phases.

My first attempt on the 8th March was terrible as I over-exposed it quite badly, I just wasn't used to the brightness involved.

Tonight however I think I managed to get a not bad image. I think you can actually make out the differences in brightness as you move towards the shadowed element.

I will probably try and continue capturing the planet as the months pass so I can get to see several more of its phases.


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Yeah, it isn't as nice to look at but it gave me something to do whilst I couldn't see anything else in the sky  :smiley:

I actually think it looks a bit on the green side, I still can't get my WB right with the QHY5L-II but I may run it through HVLG later on.

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First rate, great to see the phase and correctly exposed. I keep thinking about giving Venus a try, but it is a little low over a neighbour's house.


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Excellent result congrats :) i my self am having a hard time capturing Venus ... i think i might be over-exposing it.

How long did you shoot for ? and with what scope + cam if i may ask :)

I used my QHY5L-II & 127 Mak.

I had the Camera Exposure set to 6.8ms in SharpCap for the one I finally used.

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