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Auriga widefield


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Well last night was pretty dire but I couldn't resist trying out the Canon 10D on the driven EQ1. Captured 4 x 30sec exp @ 1600iso, then stacked those in ImagesPlus. Desperately tried to rescue a bad image in Photoshop but the mist, high cloud and light pollution tool their toll.

So i give you Auriga, complete with open clusters (may need to use a bit of imagination to see them).

Although the sky was rubbish, it was good to see Ant. And we had a pretty good look at Saturn in all the scopes.

Roll on a proper clear night.


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Hey Russ,

It was great to see you again last night - thanks for the hospitality.

The Skyscan - especially the slewing rate is blumming amazing! The image of saturn was really nice through the ED100, not quite as good through the C8 (although the C8 had a much brighter image, it lacked the contrast of the ED100). We even tries my 80mm guide scopeon Saturn - which turned out to be failry good, better in fact than I was expecting.

Thats a nice image Russ, nice to see that you got the EQ1 up and running that quick! With all the mist etc that was around last night I suprised that you bothered... But it does at least prove that given a half decent night the results should be pretty good!


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It is, as Twink says, a lovely picture. Now, when I look at this, which has much more clarity than I get in my LP skies, and see these little groupings of stars, I think I can see M38, or is it the other bunch of stars marked with a square? Is the little group below M36? And where the hell is M37, which is supposed to be dense, easy, and the size of the full moon? :?

I've looked around these parts for days, and the only one I'm sure I bagged is M38.


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