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can i motorise a single stalk barstool so i can sit on it while turning

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In DIY you can find motors/gearing to drive anything at any rate, however, I doubt it would be any good without a stool wedge, angled for observing at your location :)

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If you're observing your scope through an equatorial mount, I fail to see what use a rotating stool

will be.

Unless I'm guessing wrong, and you are merely wanting to milk a frisky Cow.

You need to be a bit more specific fastfit. 

We do try to help newbies on this forum, but we are not all that good at mind reading.


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I'm just thinking about the consequences of building a 12 volt drive system and then accidentally plugging it into the mains...

:eek: lly

Then he'd be implementing a scorched Berth policy Olly :grin: :grin:. 

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I thnk that until the OP expands on his intentions the replies are unlikely to be constructive.  :smiley:

He doesn't appear to want to reveal his intention though Peter,

so the posts may continue to get sillier  :smiley:.

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