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Must admit, far from being a decent photo, but this is my first experiencing of viewing Jupiter (last night).


Need to work alot on the photography side of things in due course (as this was a quick vid from my Canon S100 camera) handheld over the 6.5mm plossl eyepiece on my SW Skyliner 200p on a DOB.

I tried to take some still pics, but it wouldnt focus at all and was over exposed. The eyepiece was £30 and was a freebie with another telescope i just bought - is there some decent eyepieces im likely to get slightly better clarity? (LP and clear skies permitting)

Its a start, and one that will empty my wallet out during the year im sure buying new equipment :Envy:

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Better than my first too, not that I've done that many. I think the reason video is used is to get as many frames as possible to take advantage of clear moments of seeing. It's hard to take a still at just the right moment, but if you're taking 10-30 frames per second you're going to have more usable shots.

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Haven't tried stacking at all yet - I downloaded regstax (I think it was called) a while ago but haven't had any images to try out it. I think if I can steady the camera with a mount I maybe able to get some steadier video quality (as compact camera can do HD quality apparently at 24fps).

I did have a camera mount that came with SW130p telescope but its too small to fit on my 200p.

Just tried to use what I have for the moment to take basic pics.

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