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M106 & Buddies - now with colour (CCD/DSLR)

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Last night I took a break from the Orion project to do some pre-SGLX testing of the twin shooter - had no choice really as the Moon was parked pretty close to Orion. TBH, its wansnt a friendly night for LRGB imaging.

When processing the data, apart from the gradient caused by moonlight, there was the DSLR chromatic noise to deal with. I might have found a way to deal with it, but its no subsitiute for more subs becuase a 1000d at f6.3 isnt exactly going to blow the doors off if given just 2 hours 40min.

Well, worthy of the test anyway :)

20 x600 (L) 130pds, Atik 383L+

16x600  (RGB) 1000d, 80ED

Thanks for looking! :)


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Right, ive done a little Ps jiggery pokery and found a way to tidy up that background a bit. Layer masks to the rescue!


Im off to try and use the same method for gradient removal to see if it works.

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Thanks Peter, Ive just tried that background clearup routine on a straight gradient - didnt work quite as well as an off the shelf action, but used in conjunction with one it works pretty well.

Still yet to perfect it, but its another trick up the sleeve :)

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lol.... Ive been necromanced! This thread is 6 months old :)

Paul, I shot a video of tonights set up, I'll be having a look at processing it into this years showcase youtube vid. Its been a bit late coming (I normally do them in June/July) but its taken me a while to acquire a video camera to shoot the intro (ie: setting up). I no longer have the dual rig as I sold the 80ED, but the 130 is on form tonight follwing a good collimation session.

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