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Recommended machine shops near Kenilworth?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced machine shops in or around the Kenilworth, Warwick, Coventry area.

I'm sure there are lots of 'em around here,  but the problem is to find the good, reliable and reasonably priced ones :).



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A quantity (say 50 off) of RA extenders turned and drilled from 5" dia aluminium rod with holes for mounting to the RA and DEC axes of a mount.  Black anodised to finish.

Ideally I'm looking for several recommendations as I want to get quotes from more than one supplier.


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I needed some machining I couldn't do myself - a bit of lathe restoration. I just looked in yellow pages and phoned one. When the work was done the people that actually did said next time see us rather than using the official channel - it would have been cheaper. Suspect that would only apply to one offs though. Suitable headings in yellow pages, tool makers or maybe machine tool renovation etc. I'd suspect that there are still a few about in Coventry. There are probably some small companies in Redditch as well.

Also CNC machining. That might pay for 50 off. Not so good for one offs as the machine has to be programmed. You may then need to take / send them to an anodiser yourself.

I suspect you will have to forget cheap - hourly rates for this sort of thing are fairly high.



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