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Orion Nebula (reprocessed)

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Orion Nebula

I think the first version was too dark. Not sure about this one - I think I may have overdone it. Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.

This is the original:


Orion Nebula

Skywatcher Quattro 10" f4 Newtonian.

Skywatcher AZ Eq6 GT Mount

Orion 80mm f5 guide scope and auto guider - PHD2.

Baader MPCC Mark 3 Coma Corrector, UHC-S 'nebula' filter.

Nikon D5300 (unmodified).

Field of view (deg) ~ 1.35 x 0.90.

ISO800, JPEG Fine, Long Exp. NR on.

20x120sec, 20x30sec, 20x 8sec.

Individual groups aligned and stacked and initial stretch in Nebulosity.

Three groups then aligned and stacked, also in Nebulosity.

Processed in Photoshop.

17 January 2015

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They are both nice images, but the first has more contrast and color so i think it's best of them.

To be honest those white frames are awful, they are very distracting. If you want a frame use dark grey instead.

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Thank you guys for you comments - I've been at this less than a year and I'm still learning how to process images and your feedback helps.

I know some people don't like my frames - some do, some don't. I frame my images on the net because you can never be sure how they will be shown on a particular web page, including distracting clutter right up to the edge of the image and sometimes awful colour choices. I have standardised on pale grey because I think it is the best compromise across all of my images.

Thanks again


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