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oaCapture 0.3.0 release

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Managing to stick to my somewhat optimistic monthly release schedule for a change, 0.3.0 is now "officially" released.

The major changes for this release are:

  • Support for adding false colour to mono images in the preview
  • Enable QuickTime output format where possible (8-bit mono, really)
  • Big improvements in support for the Skyris cameras
  • Add Format7 image support for IIDC cameras
  • Add support for the new ZWO ASI174MM and ASI174MC cameras

Support for the Skyris cameras has been less than straightforward on both OSX and Linux.  On OSX I think everything is now OK, though there is still a delay when the camera is connected.  It appears that the OSX kernel and the camera have some sort of disagreement that takes a second or three to get sorted out.  After that it appears fine.  On Linux the mono Skyris cameras work nicely through the V4L2 interface, but because the kernel contains no support for UVC cameras with a raw colour frame format the colour models won't work.  To use colour cameras it is necessary to rebuild the binaries with the user-space UVC library and use that interface for them instead of V4L2.

There are a number of smaller changes including adding the facility to pause the recording in the middle of a capture and I’m afraid bugs have been squashed during the making of this version. I’ve also updated the manual.

I've built binaries for 64-bit OSX that should run on all releases from Snow Leopard to Yosemite as well as versions for Ubuntu(-like) and Fedora Linux (separate versions for those, to allow for the different naming of the FITS library) and Raspbian.

Downloads from http://www.openastroproject.org/downloads/

Work on the next release has begun. This involves a significant re-write of the camera and filter wheel APIs in the light of what I’ve learnt over the last eighteen months. It should remove complexity from the application(s) as well as making the libraries more flexible and remove a few things that were unpleasant hacks.  Having broken just about everything I do now have ZWO cameras working again with the new API which is something of a relief.


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Great stuff thanks for that James, I`m in crutches at the mo so will have to wait a while before trying it out in the obs :grin:



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