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Another M81+M82+IFN


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Even if I have 1218 mins of Lum data (Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1) showing the IFN it is not na easy task :-(

Microlenses and NABG of my CCD don't help either for a pleasant star field! 

Subs were 720s and 900s! There was severe blooming all over the field!

For what I see here, I need:

- a faster OTA (most of the images in the internet are at f/2.8 or f3.6)

- a darker site (I have moderate dark skies)

to bring the IFN to live.

I will try 30 mins subs just to see what shows up (but I think I will blow up my CCD due to the NABG nature of it)

I thougth it was easier for this one but it is not the case!




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That's a fine result...the IFN is very tricky even with the faster scopes, the problem is it sits right in the depths of the pixels near the background ADU just above the noise. Good flat calibration is essential and a nice dark sky to boost the contrast will help separate the IFN from the background.

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