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I'm Siege, a newbie to the sky. My amazing wife recently allowed me to open my birthday present early this year (2 days ago), I had unwrapped the thing I wanted most in this world... eyes to see the universe. It was a NexStar 130 SLT, I named it Neil after guess who?

Not that I knew much about the telescope, I was super excited and assembled it immediately and saw Jupiter for the first time as an actual sphere, and it was phenomenal.

That's my first encounter with seeing space in another light (see what I did there?). I'd like to know your first encounter with the night sky and If you know of any cool spots in the Cape Town area to view stars.

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Hi Siege & Welcome to SGL.   Jupiter, four of its moon's and our moon were the first objects I saw in the night sky.

Hiya Siege! I too am a newbie to the skies, I didn't realise what could be seen through a telescope, I thought I'd just see bigger white dots, then when I looked at Jupiter for the first time a couple

Welcome from another newbie. SGL is a great site for us. I've had lots of useful tips already

Welcome to SGL Siege! :) Also, happy birthday, and congratulations on an amazing birthday gift :)

Since I have never been in Cape Town, I can't help with areas to view stars, but my first encounter was the Orion constelation - the stars and M42 nebula, our Moon and Jupiter in opposition - I highly recommend those objects. Really easy to spot and very very rewarding not just to a beginner.

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Hi Siege, welcome to the forum.

First encounter with the night sky?  (Apart from the obvious... it's dark and starry.)  As a teenager, the first time I got my hands on a pair of binoculars, I aimed them at a bright "star" and saw that it had a family of moons, so I realised it was Jupiter.  Before that, well, I'm in the northern hemisphere, so I knew how to use Ursa Major to find the pole star, but that was about all.

Good luck with your stargazing, and I hope you manage to link up with like-minded people in your area.


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Thanks for joining, Siege. I've always felt we have too few SA members.

Baie welkom by ons forum.
That's about as far as my Afrikaans reaches, but I do listen every week to Sterre en Planete from the RSG.
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Hi Siege,

Welcome to SGL. If you need some guiding round the sky try copies of 'turn left at orion' and 'sky&telescope pocket star atlas.  Also download a planetarium program, plenty out there but try Stellarium its great and free, to be found here

:--  http://www.stellarium.org/

Good hunting with Neil, make sure you see saturn when it is next in your view.

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Hi Siege and welcome to the forum. I can see that you and 'Neil' are forming quite a relationship there, be careful that the wife doesn't get jealous - you might need her 'permission' when it comes to upgrading your eyepieces!  :grin: I'm not local to Cape Town so can't advise on where better to observe but I'm sure that being a beautiful country, you won't need to travel far to find a great site. My first visual encounter with a scope and the night sky coincided with a look at the moon, simply awesome and to this day I never tire of looking at it through its many phases.  

Wishing you continued clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Hello and welcome from me too   :smiley:   Orion nebula was the first object I looked at through a scope and I was blown away - at that stage I had no idea such things existed   :rolleyes:   Bought my own scope shortly after, and the rest is history.

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