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Feb 15, 2015: Finally caught the dragon by its tail


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Some images I took today of the large filaprom. I used my SolarMax-II 60mm first with B1200 blocking filter and Daystar ERF and the DMK21AU618: 7 pane mosaic



I then used the BF5 blocking filter plus a Baader 35nm H-alpha filter to get rid of the IR leak it was showing. The image is a lot dimmer, requiring higher gain, but contrast seems better. Five pane mosaic:



I also caught some sunspots:



BF5 + 35nm H-alpha


Also got some full-disk mosaics (more of which later)

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Interesting Michael

The BF5 images seem to be sharper and show more contrast than the BF12. Is this what you expected?

I have a feeling it is more a matter of contrast than actual sharpness. Maybe the ERF is causing some internal reflection and therefore glare. I will try to angle it to see if I can cut it.

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