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Confused, Stellarium and stellariumscope?


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I have a Celestron 8" Edge HD on an advanced VX mount. Am starting to get into astrophotography and have been remoting into my scope via windows 7 remote desktop to a notebook outside at my scope. The scope is no more than 30 feet outside my home. Wifi seems to be acceptable for now.  I use the nexremote software to do my alignments with no problems, then switch over to Stellarium.

I am using Backyatd EOS with my Canon T4i for imaging, then Registaxx, autostakkert2, DSS and photoshop for processing.

No autoguider at the moment but I plan on upgrading to that in the future and using PHD. I am confused though by some posts indicating that I would also need to use stellariumscope.

My question is, will I need to use stellariumscope now or at some point and is there any benefit to it with the equipment I am using? Or will Stellarium do everything I need without stellariumscope?

I downloaded stellariumscope and looked at it but it just seems to confuse matters to me.

Also any suggestions on autoguiders and an upgrade to a dedicated all around deep sky/planetary camera would also be appreciated, preferably one that won'tt break the bank.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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You only need stellariumscope if you intend to use ASCOM as a means to integrate your astronomy applications.

Stellarium comes with its own telescope plugins that will control your mount. Where ASCOM comes in handy is if you have multiple applications that need to access the mount simultaneosly - if you use stellariums inbuilt mount drivers you can't do this, you would have to shut stellarium down first.

So if you want to run stellarium and phd simultaneously, and are using pulse guiding in phd, then you need ascom, the celestron ascom driver and stellariumscope. If however you use ST4 guiding phd doesn't need to talk serially to the mount and you could just use stellarium's in build celestron driver.


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I had simila r issue...was trying to control mount position via Stellarium and then use AstroTortilla to plate solve and re-slew mount....which was not working.

As said, Stellarium, was basically taking full control of the mount and not allowing any other programmes access to mount data.

Downloaded Stellarium Scope and all is now good.

An easy way to look at it, is like a final access point to th escope....all the other programmes talk through that to the mount.

It can appear daunting to set up, but is a very easy piece of software to get going.  Let me know if you need any more advice on tis and more than happy to help,

WIth reagrds to autoguiders, that will depend on what you have as a guidescope and how you are planning on guiding......with regards to deepsky cameras that wont break the bank.......good luck on that.  They are rarer than hens teeth or rocking horse pooh

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I bought a QHY5L-II to guide with an OAG. It's mono , but I got some frames of the moon which surprised me as I hadn't considered the effect of the small chip size and small pixels. Nice detail and I got a decent Jupiter, but had the settings wrong and it jumped around too much. Maybe consider the color version.

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