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Returning Stargaxzer

The Doctor

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Greetings one and all.....

I've been registered on here a while however due to work and family commitments had little time to engage in SGL or the heavens.

I bought my first telescope about 15 years or so ago, a TASCO 302012 - D114 mm / F900 mm - which I still have and used for the first time in about eight years recently in an attempt to view Jupiter.

This was exciting and allowing for user error, equipment condition and lack of suitable clothing - forgotten how cold it can get - quite a successful hour or so.

My interest has never faded however having a small child and busy work schedule viewing took a back seat, becoming of the domain of late night walks with the dogs on a cold clear night to marvel at the heavens with just my eyes. Thankfully we live at least four miles from the nearest major conurbation.

Anyway, enough rambling, I am thinking of building an observatory to re-kindle this interest and inspire my daughter ( and her friends & cousins ) if the opportunity arises and the interest is there.

Having tried the TASCO again, yes I know it's not brilliant, any suggestions on a scope to look at as a permanent fixture outdoors and building materials and construction for an observatory ? I've looked at the roll on and off roof sheds and the plastic domes and they don't fit with the local architecture and flora

I've been looking at the MEADE range, the 10" LX200 with goto - helps with limited time viewing and the weather here !

I've also looked at the Celstron scopes. My concern here is that I may be falling in to the aperture trap.

Advice please ?

DSO's as well as local planetary viewing ( keep and sort the TASCO out possibly for this ? ) are my interests.

Enough garbled rambling from a novice. Any advice received would be appreciated and taken merely as your opinion.

Clear skies

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g'day Doc and welcome back. Can't really offer much help on a visual setup for an obs as I quite like looking through (other peoples) big dobs, but spend most of  my time on astrophotography.. As for building materials, there's loads of help in the diy obs section :)

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Hi Doc and welcome to SGL, If you think your skies at your location warrant an obs, then go for it, it could become a good home for a decent aperture scope in the reflector range, mounted on a good EQ driven mount affixed to a solid pier. There are many stage by stage obs builds that have been done by forum members, see DIY observatories for some ideas :)

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