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Valentine Jupiter


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Lots of cloud, but small breaks with reasonable seeing. The GRS was a prominent orange in the eyepiece. I only managed one full RGB set and here it is.

Still a bit of vertical banding which I can't seem to completely eliminate from the ASI120MM shots.




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Well done Peter, it was definitely worth getting out for - I love these unexpected opportunities, though only really feasible with an observatory. Odd the vertical banding, my qhy5l-iim only seems to do this on the first four frames of a long exposure and then seems to automatically correct. Perhaps a poor sample on the sensor, as the zwo qc and drivers have always looked superior to qhy from what I've read. If it's under warranty it might be worth a chase as the sensors have been advertised as FPN free.

I'm seriously tempted by the new asi174, though lacking funds for this and the 5x powermate I would want :-(

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Still a very nice outcome Peter - that banding you speak of is "almost" non-existent on my screen: I say almost because I might be able to convince myself there is some but I could easily be telling myself to find some...

I know it's frustrating getting artefacts...tbh I think I might've noticed a few lines when I first got the 120-MM-S but they were minimal & disappeared with the slightest Gaussian blur...after the first night when I noticed this on my old laptop I cannot say I ever recognised them again...not really sure what I'm suggesting here...does screen resolution play a part maybe?

With the HD screen I'm viewing on you'd think it would enhance anything like this...a total mystery to me!

ps: thanks for the comment in my recent thread. :)

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It is a great shot Peter. I must confess I cannot see any banding on my screen. Could be my eyes though! What I do see is a smoothly processed lovely image of Jupiter :smiley:

                                            Best regards,


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