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HEQ5 balancing issue

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Got a HEQ5 with a 200pds last week, and I've noticed when balancing it can be quite hard as correcting one issue usually leaves me with another one.

I notice when setting the R.A axis that having the tube on the east side and weights on the left side that the mount has a very small amount of resistance and balance is achieved, whereas on the tube on the west and weights on the east the R.A axis moves slightly more free and balance is harder (and seems near impossible as the weights are at the end of the pole yet the tube is still heavier.. 

it seems a lot harder to balance this scope than it did my beginner scope!

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I did think about adding a small counter weight but my main concern is that it balances one side and doesn't the other. 

it is noticeable in all heq5 scopes that there is a *very* slight different in resistance when flipped to opposite sides? you can hear it moving one side and not the other, the sound is very faint though, and sounds natural.

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Ok I think I have worked it out. it now balances correctly in both directions.. It was down to the R.A scales locking nut.. 

finding this all quite confusing! why does the R.A scale have a locking nut anyway? as soon as the R.A axis moves it slips anyway so whats the point of it? 

Sorry for all the disjointed posts/questions!

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<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xl_gIyQTXlY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here is a video showing what I mean, minus the OTA.

Its only slight, but do others notice this with all mounts/heq5's?

Mine does exactly the same thing also have the same issue with the DEC axis. Unless you feel that it affects your observing/ imaging then don't fuss over it. I seem to be fine up to 1200s sub but I do take a little time to do the balance and also leave the east side a little heavier.


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