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Hi guys.

Got my 1st scope about 6 weeks ago now and loving it.

Didnt wanna spend a lot in case I didnt get on with the hobby.

Purchased a Skywatcher 127 goto mak.

After numerous moon viewings and seeing jupiter and starting to find my way around the sky ive decided to sell the 127 and go bigger ;-)

Glad to be part of this group.



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Will ask why sell it?

You may get bigger but that does not always mean better.

The "worst" aspect of a Mak is you need long focal length eyepieces to keep the magnification down and they tend to have narrow fields of view. Half suspect you may not gain as much as you expect.

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Hi Mick and welcome to SGL, I would echo what has been said, I would take a little time before upgrading, as you may form a preference of targets to observe, a different type of scope may then be the order of the day.

Increase in aperture does not necessarily mean a big increase in size of the very distant objects you are observing, this will only apply to things like the Moons surface where a large aperture will reveal much more detail. Where DSO are concerned, this may just mean that the faint fuzzy blob you originally observed with your previous scope, could appear to take on some form and character :)

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