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Went out tonight against my better judgement to try my new lens out that I have had since Monday and after watching the fog for several hours was just about to give up when a window opened up for me, cant wait to try it out on my star adventurer but just didnt have the clear skies so these are single subs about 40 secs long ISO 1600 11mm 2.8



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That's really pretty - though I think 40 seconds is a tad too long. Higher ISO some darks and 10 seconds might have een a bit sharper.

You need to update the signature to show your new lens.

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Thanks, been watching the weather all week and there was an outside chance for some clear spells last night, drove halfway round mid Wales and we were on our way back when the sky cleared for a few minutes just below the Beacons so jumped out and give it a go. Ideally I would have liked to set it up on the Star Adventurer but had no chance, seems my learning curve is limited to 5 minutes once a week with the cloud cover. Just glad I got something though

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Thx Mark,  when you say pushing it are you referring to exposure or star trails or both lol, its 11mm lens so I thought 40 secs would be well within the limits of star trailing, next clear night I will reduce it 5 secs

As Alexxx says there is a tiny bit of trailing when you look closely - it isn't really that noticeable, so not a major problem - more just thinking about not taking anything longer.

They are great shots though!

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Really lovely shots - doesn't matter about the technical minutia - the real beauty is in the framing against the winter trees and the host of stars against the winter sky colours with the light just disappearing or perhaps reappearing ?  Just goes to show that we get hung up with the technicalities of taking images of individual astronomical objects but sometimes miss the true artistic beauty of the sky, stars and the surrounding environment.  These demonstrate that the macro can be equal to if not more beautiful than the micro and spontaneous capture can be more expressive than simply pointing a scope at a specific object and letting hardware and software take over !

Thanks for posting and please carry on showing your pics.

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