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Balancing 200p on heq5

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I am having a hard time balancing my 200p on a heq5.

Having read the how-tos and watched the videos i still struggle. It seems the only way the tube is in balance is if the focuser is pointing up vertically (facing opposite the counter weights). As you can imagine this isn't very useful when trying to look into the eyepiece in the home position e.g.

I am getting a sense that the focuser and eyepiece are heavy disrupting the balance when it's pointing sideways.

Any tips/tricks would be highly appreciated.

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I always point the focuser downwards in home position rather than upwards, that way, it never ends up higher around the tube than horizontal...  Also allows more predictable balancing...

Newts on EQ mounts are always a challenge.  You just have to find out what works best for you...

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I think i never tried pointing it downwards in home position to see where it gets me for the objects i want to look at...could work.

Will test def test it.

It is reassuring to know that it isn't me who can't balance properly but there actually is a trick to it

Thanks guys

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Your balancing doesn't have to be absolutely perfect for visual observing, balance the tube horizontally first together with the counterweights, let the mounting be very slightly heavier towards the east for the drive gears to mesh properly & then rotate the tube for comfortable viewing depending on what target you're pointing it towards.

It's actually only realistically possible to perfectly balance it when you have a camera in the focuser, that positioning usually won't be comfortable for viewing . :)

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