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What telescope etc are you thinking of bringing to SGLX?


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Hello All

Just thought I would ask the question again this year.

Mods,  if you think this is not a suitable question / post  please delete it.

I really enjoyed the event last year and this will be my fourth SGL Event. It will great to meet up again with you guys and have some very interesting chats and plenty of laughs and beers again this year. 

I am hoping to bring along my 9.25" SCT, ED80  and may even bring along my cctv camera to try some video capture of the night sky.

My wife is again hoping to do some serious cake baking again for me to bring along to the event.........

Best regards,

Hadyn - Isle of Man


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A weird collection. Anything not bolted down to my garden lump of concrete.


SW SkyMax 150, Celestron Nexstar Burst, Starlight xpress filter wheel, Astrotrac on eq6 legs, Celestron 15x70 bino,


Eclipse glasses, solar filter, 7D, lenses, tripod.


Other items under consideration.

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I do have a bit of a challenge to decide as I may not have space for both. Sumerian 16" Canopus and/or Vixen 150ED. Would love to get them both under a decent sky, doesn't happen at home. May have to hire a bigger car!! Need to fit some solar bits in too.

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Probably my 12" Orion Optics dobsonian. I was thinking of the Istar 6" F/12 but I don't think I'll have a mount sorted for the event.

As well as my own eyepieces I'll bring along the ones that First Light Optics have loaned me to review as well so, with FLO's approval, folks who are interested can have a look for themselves. These include some Baader GO's, Astro Hutech orthos, Baader Classic orthos, Vixen SLV's, a Vixen 30mm NPL and the Skywatcher Myriad 100 / 110 degree eyepieces.

If anyone has some BST Explorer / Starguiders with them I'd love to try one or two as I've read so much about them but have yet to use one :smiley:

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